Unboxing Fossil Gen 4 Smartwatch & Review


My review on this watch

The good :-
1. Design is amazing
2. Function wise is amazing
3. Water resistant

The bad :-
1. Battery life is very bad (defeat the purpose of able to use it as smartwatch)
(i) Full Function on the watch – 5 hours top ( display is off all the time)
(ii) Call & SMS Only – 8 hours tops (display always on)
(iii) Call & SMS Only – 12 hours tops (display always off) (Mi Band would be a better choice for this )
2. It lags from time to time
3. You will need to bring the charger around
4. The charger cable is not universal charger so if you forget to bring it with you, Congrats now you have a metal band on your hand.

My personal opinion is don’t buy this if you don’t like charging your watch all the time…. I really mean it all the time 2-3 times a day minimum

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